How long can I live with CKD?

Many people think that if their kidneys fail, they will die immediately. This may have been true 40 years ago when dialysis machines were extremely rare and expensive and medical knowledge about kidney disease was limited. However, today’s access to dialysis is much easier and the knowledge surrounding CKD has increased substantially. A patient’s life expectancy depends on age, other health issues, and how dedicated he/she is with his/her care. Some people with early CKD do not progress to kidney failure. Others reach kidney failure and still live for decades with dialysis or kidney transplantation. Recent advancements in kidney care have allowed for better treatments, more knowledge about how to slow kidney failure, and the development of technically advanced dialysis machines. Even with these advancements, the most important factor is still the individual who has the disease. So, ask questions, and explore with your doctor and care team the best way for you to help manage your disease.

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